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Grofit: Our most advanced Climate & soil monitoring devices

Why our system is the best fit for your needs?

  • Because its simpler with Grofit’s all-in-one real-time technology, to monitor the microclimate and The state of irrigation

  • With the Grofit app and dashboard, it is easy to monitor multiple plots or even different sites around the world 

  • Because the system makes things simple: Simple field installation method, no wiring or hanging devices, no electricity required, and no need for a SIM card or cellular contract (already embedded in the system)

  • Because it is a smarter system: Our technology delivers failure alerts before they occur, and sends them by email or SMS

  • Because we use the best sensors in the industry, & the quality of the product provides precision under all environments

  • Because this is how to save your field data: With a double backup system for saving your data, on the device itself and on the cloud, we make sure that the information you need is always accessible

  • Because it is the most scalable system available: The combination of Bluetooth and cellular technologies is an optimal and affordable solution for all farmers.

  • Because we are committed to our customers: Grofit's team of experts will be at your side throughout the season, to help you get the most out of Grofit

Supplementary Products:

Additional equipment for growing optimization