Grofit+2: Climate & soil (2-depths) monitoring system

A Grofit climate & soil (2-depths) monitoring system

What's in the package?
Climate Monitoring System

  • The 3rd generation Grofit system based on Bluetooth-5 technology, with a transmission range of up to 200 meters (Line of sight) for a mobile phone and up to 1000 meters for a dedicated base station
  • A smart hanging mechanism for quick installation in the open field or greenhouse (Protection from sprays and splashing of water)
  • Data collection intervals: Every 10 or 30 minutes or real-time of continual 2-depths Soil Moisture, Air temperature, Air humidity & Sun radiation
  • A new trigger system for creating real-time alerts on out of thresholds parameter (low or high temp, irrigation deficiency, humidity or light level in the structure, etc.)
  • Datalog -  Up to 30 days measurements are stored in the device
  • Accuracy : Tensiometer units: Centibar, Temperature Units: Celsius / Fahrenheit ± 0.3 degrees, Air Humidity: Relative Humidity ± 2 %, Sun Radiation W/ M^2
  • Battery life: Two standard batteries, two years in optimal conditions, no solar panel required


Free Smartphone application from Google Play and App Store and Analytics PC tool

  • Grofit’s cloud database allows you to access information about your equipment anytime anywhere
  • Smartphone App to collects and displays the data from the Grofit sensors system  and Analytics PC tool that displays the data from the Grofit device in table and graph format on the PC
  • Easy to set: Easy screen for device settings from the App or the PC - Do it yourself
  • Sensors history data: Includes 3-year data in the analytics PC tool and up to 30 days in the smartphone App’s
  • ET and MJ Calculators: Local evapotranspiration calculation and total sun radiation from your field
  • Get location: To set the Grofit system location, navigate to the location or positioning the Grofit system on the dashboard map on your PC tool
  • My Field e-notebook for manual data scouting
  • Optional
  • Outdoor base station to automatically collect data and get on-line alerts from the field


  •  12 months in accordance with the warranty and the service certificate


Technical and agronomical support

  • Online or through one of our field representatives
  • Contact: +972(0)52-3518985 - Itay Miyara


Shipped directly to you

Grofit+2: Climate & soil (2-depths) monitoring system