Grofit monitoring system


What's in the package?


Grofit Monitoring System (Bluetooth 5)

  • The 2nd Generation Grofit Device based on Bluetooth-5 technology
  • Up to 200 M wireless (RF) transmission range in the fields
  • Smart hanging mechanism - installed in seconds
  • Indoor/outdoor: Protection from sprays and splashing of water
  • Data log -  Up to 30 days measurements are stored in the device


Air Temperature, Humidity and Sun Radiation Monitoring

  • Real-time and continual air temperature, air humidity & sun radiation monitoring
  • Data collection intervals: Every 10 or 30 minutes
  • Temperature units: Celsius/ Fahrenheit (±0.3°)
  • Air Humidity: % relative humidity (±2°)
  • Sun Radiation: V/M^2 (430-1100 nm)


2 X Soil Moisture monitoring: Choose the right 2 sensors for you

  • Irrometer Model R/SR for Lighter to Medium Soils (cBAR)
  • Irrometer Model LT for Non-Soil Media & Coarse Sandy Soils (cBAR)


2 AA batteries for up to 1-year without replacement 

  • Saving energy
  • 2 AA batteries - Easy to replace


Smartphone application from Google Play

  • Collects and displays the data from the Grofit device
  • Easy to set: Easy screen for device settings - Do it yourself
  • Favorite mode: Shows data uploaded to the cloud everywhere
  • Sensors history data: Includes the latest 30 days in the app
  • Allows you to set red lines in the system
  • ET Calculator: Local evapotranspiration calculation (without wind parameter) from your field
  • Irrigation advisor: Based on evapotranspiration calculation, field parameters and soil probe detection
  • My Field e-notebook for manual data scouting
  • Get location: To set the Grofit system location and navigate to the location
  • Gateway mode: Automatic data collection mode, for on-line data collection and alert from the field (by smartphone left in the field)


Optional: Explorer Add-on

  • Analytics PC tool that displays the data from the Grofit device in table and graph format on the PC


Optional: Gateway Add-on

Gateway IoT device to automatically collect data and get alerts from the field

Warranty and support

  • In accordance with the warranty and the service certificate


Shipped directly to you



Grofit +2: Climate & soil (2-depths) monitoring device