Grofit base station (Gateway)

The Grofit base station (Gateway)

What's in the package?

Base Station (Gateway)

  • Grofit base station communicates wirelessly with up to 5 Grofit devices sending data to the cloud using LTE Cat-M1 cellular communication
  • Distance between base station and units: up to 1 km in line of sight, in optimal conditions 
  • Wireless Communication: LTE CAT-M1 Cellular and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Battery Life: 3 years under optimal conditions no solar panel required
  • Size: 146mm x 87mm x 57m
  • Installation: Screw-mounted



  • A Grofit climate & soil monitoring systems



  • 12 months in accordance with the warranty and the service certificate


Technical and agronomical support

  • Online or through one of our field representatives
  • Contact: +972(0)52-3518985 - Itay Miyara


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Grofit base station (Gateway)