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sensor in tahe greenhouse

The Grofit Capsule

A versatile sensor system providing actionable insights to optimize any scale of greenhouse operations.

soil and tensiometer

Data Collection

Data collected real-time or at 10, 30-minute, 1-hour intervals; month's device storage, unlimited cloud.

Trigger Mechanism

Receive real-time alerts via email/SMS when user-set thresholds are reached

Versatile Communication

Grofit Capsule offers global LTE-M cellular connectivity and 200-meter Bluetooth-5 communication

Battery Life

Runs on two AA batteries, ensuring up to 2-year lifespan

sensor image

Soil Parameters

Tensiometer top

Tensiometer down



Soil temperature

Climate Parameters



Daily Light integral



Discover Your Perfect Grofit Capsule:
Bluetooth, Cellular, or CapsuleNet



Decision support system

Using Wireless Network & Cellular

cellular Capsule

Cellular Capsule

Decision support system

Using Cellular technology

Bluetooth capsule

Bluetooth Capsule

Decision support system using Bluetooth-5 technology

Bluetooth Capsule

Cellular Capsule



Air temp , Air humidity, Sunlight radiation, Daily Light integral, Evapotranspiration, Soil moisture

Data collection intervals:

Real time or every 10 or 30 minutes or 1 h

Smartphone App:

Google play and App store Up to 1 month of data are displayed in the app

Bluetooth-5 wireless communication:

Up to 100 m transmission range - Line of sight

Data logger:

Up to 1 month of data is stored on the device

Data storage:

Unlimited cloud storage

PC dashboard:

Web Portal, Account Management, and Data analytics tools

SIM Card:

Global SIM card


Trigger mechanism:

Real-time notifications (email and SMS) in case conditions reach user-set thresholds


Cellular communication (LTE_M or 2G):

Uploading Data: every 4 hrs. or real-time in case conditions reach user-set thresholds


Battery life:

2 standard batteries AA (*additional 3.6 V battery for the Gateway)

2 year

1 year

1 year*

Gateway Modules for Wireless Network: 

Distance from the sensor's units: Up to 1 km in line of sight.



3 simple steps
to optimize your greenhouse irrigation:

1. Install the grofit system in the field

  1. Choose a monitoring site that best represents the whole field.

  2. Make a hole in the soil, 10 cm from the dripper.

  3. Install the soil sensor.

  4. Turn the capsule on.

  5. Hang the Grofit device on the wire trellising.

  6. You can now get data to your smartphone app.

2. Get the app

Don’t miss your chance to save water and optimize crop yield. Join us.

Install Grofit App on your smartphone and create your account: google play  app store


click for more details >

google play badge

3. Make Irrigation decisions 

Smartphone App:
Access your data and insights from anywhere with the Grofit CapsuleSense smartphone app, available on Google Play and the App Store. The app displays up to 1 month of data, so you can keep an eye on your greenhouse operations even when you're on the go.

dashboard screen

PC Dashboard:

In addition to the smartphone app, the Grofit CapsuleSense also provides a web portal, account management, and data analytics tools for a more comprehensive view of your operations. With the PC dashboard, you can view and analyze your data from anywhere, at any time.

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