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Decision Support System for Greenhouse Crops Optimization

Welcome to Grofit, where we're using the power of data and machine learning to revolutionize agriculture management and research.

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The Grofit Capsule

A versatile sensor system providing actionable insights to optimize any scale of greenhouse operations.

Soil Parameters

Tensiometer top

Tensiometer down



Soil temperature

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Climate Parameters



Daily Light integral



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Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision farming with Grofit

The Grofit Ecosystem

Grofit’s solutions optimize your Crop’s outcomes

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Grofit capsule

A sensor capsule that precisely tracks data from greenhouses over time.

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Agro Data System

AI system reveals hidden insights from data

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External Data Sources

Linking meteorology, irrigation, and controllers for holistic crop oversight

agro mangement

Agro Management 

Analytics tool highlights important data based on user needs

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Grofit Virtual Twin

Innovative product creating virtual plants for predictive farming

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Grofit API

API offers developers real-time data for agricultural solutions

Farmers Discussing Grofit's Benefits:
Boosting Yields, Efficiency, and Profitability


The Benefits of the Grofit Ecosystem

The Grofit ecosystem is designed to revolutionize the way farmers manage and research agriculture in a simple and easy way, with the following benefits:

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Connect external services for comprehensive crop management.


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Plug-and-play sensor for efficient crop monitoring. U.S. Pat. No. 11,480,462


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AI-driven system offering predictive crop insights.


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Adaptive management system highlighting relevant data.


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API for real-time, tailored agricultural solutions.


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Virtual Twin enables unparalleled crop outcome control.


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Grofit: Unifying Simplicity, Predictive Tech, and Customizability for Optimized Farming

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Success Stories

Grofit's innovative solutions have empowered farmers, optimizing operations and cutting costs. Discover their transformative journeys with us:

Javier Escudero

We tested the Gro-fit Bluetooth in our cucumber farm and achieved very good results in the overall cucumber crop. With the increase in the prices of electricity, water and fertilizers, the Gro-fit capsule really allows for great savings"

Javier Escudero
Cucumber grower
Vicar, Almeria, Spain

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