Choose your Add-on Plan

Don't worry, Grofit device and Grofit free smartphone app, give you everything you need for smart agriculture​. However, there are those who need more, & these add-ons are for them:

* Choose the add-on(s) that suit you and your business operation.
* Our pricing is flexible so you can get - and pay for - exactly what you need.
* Cancel anytime.



Add-on Details:

Explorer Add-on

View your historical data at your desktop computer

  • Get All Your History Data In One Place
    Collect, store, and view your field data, from the soil and the weather monitoring system in one desktop platform


(Don't worry, Grofit's smartphone app lets you view 30-day history data for free. If you want access to earlier data, you are welcome to purchase access to our PC tools)


Gateway Add-on - **Coming soon**

Gives you the freedom to get real data from a field anytime anywhere

  • Get Remote Real Time Data & Alert
    Gateway IoT device to automatically collect data and get alerts from the field

  • The Most Cost Efective Solution for IoT in agricultural
    Connect up to 3 Grofit devices to save money

Admin Add-on

Gives you the power to provide consulting services to your customers

  • Get All Their Data In One Place
    Collect, store, and view your costumers field data in one platform

  • Discover Valuable Insights About Your Fields
    Obtain insights from observation, compare fields & get alerts by the BI tool

  • Be The Administrator
    Get administrator account with the ability to manage multiple Grofit devices and users