Take the power to provide affordable agronomic services to your customers

  • Install Grofit's cost effective devices in your growers fields Or connect to existing devices.

  • Get all their DATA in one place.

  • Use in-season data to identify issues early and take action to improve yield.

  • Uncover valuable insights for next season.

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Think Small Win Big

Plan realistic projects; Too much investment, manpower or Operations can hurt any project

Build the right team:

Project management, agronomy and M&S skills are needed

Consult with us:

We are experts in the field of IoT know-how project delivery in agricultural


Generate value for your  costumers:

The IoT is cool but it is just part of the big picture. More with less is a good starting point

Identify the useful data and look for a cost effective way to have it - Keep in mind that you may need to transfer costs on your customers

Select your affiliate customers:

Innovative & influential alongside conservative & open-to-learning

Choose scalable tech for unlimited future integrations

Use Grofit Mini administrator add-on: To manage multiple Grofit devices and users and get all their data in one place

Use in-season data to identify issues early, act and uncover valuable insights for next season

10 Remember: data and knowledge are the new source of income